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Ice, Ice Baby!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

All right, stop! Collaborate and listen, Slay At Home Mama is back with a brand new invention… Easy Ice Paints!

What You Will Need:

Step 1: Fill popsicle molds with cool water. Be sure not to overfill.

Step 2: Add 7-8 drops of food coloring. The more drops added, the more vibrant your ice paints will be!

Step 3: Gently stir with either popsicle mold handle or spoon.

Step 4: Freeze! This will take a few hours.

Step 5: Once completely frozen, it's time to paint! Briefly run molds under warm water to help loosen.

Step 6: Place a coffee filter on a flat surface and let your kiddo play with their new paints! Noah's high chair has a white table top, so we put down a placemat to avoid any staining.

*If you are interested in creating paper flowers with your child’s painted coffee filters, follow the additional steps below.

Step 7: Set aside damp coffee filters to dry in the sunshine.

Step 8: Once the coffee filters are completely dry, fold them in half. See photo below for reference.

Step 9: Next, hold the folded coffee filters by the point and use scissors to cut strips around the edge, creating a fringe effect.

Step 10: Cut the tip of the folded filter off, creating a small hole in the center.

Step 11: Carefully unfold each coffee filter and slip a paper straw through the hole.

Step 12: Finally, build your flower by layering the coffee filters and gluing them to the paper straw. Continue this process until all the coffee filters have been glued.

Step 13: Place in a vase or gift to a loved one!

If you decide to try this Sensory Activity, I'd love to hear about your experience! Please leave a comment below or tag me, @slayathomemama, in your post on Instagram.

Stay Cool, Mamas!

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