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Heart Art with Cookie Cutters!

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Quick Valentine Craft with Zero Prep Required!

We’ve gotten a head start on our Valentines this year, and now so can you!

What You Will Need:

*I’ve linked our Amazon Favorites below!

#SlayAtHomeMama Hack: If you don’t have heart-shaped cookie cutters, bend a toilet paper tube into a heart shape and secure with tape!

Ok, ok, I won’t play ‘heart’ to get, here are the directions!

Step 1: Pour paint into pie dish. A few DABS will do!

Step 2: Next, I showed Noah how to dip the cookie cutter in the paint and then stamp it onto the cardstock. After my demonstration, I let him go to town! So, sit back & enjoy your coffee in peace, Mama!

Step 3: Dip, Stamp, Repeat!

*Optional: Once dry, place Heart Art in a frame. I found a two-pack of modern and reasonably priced frames Here.

This #ValentineCraft is also a great exercise to help your little love identify their shapes and colors. While drying, we read LOVE and Hugs and Kisses by Eric Carle.

If your family decides to make your own #HeartArt, I'd love to hear about your experience! Please leave a comment below or tag me, @slayathomemama, in your post on Instagram.

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