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First Birthday RIB SMASH!

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

A Cake Smash Alternative!

Is there anything more adorable than a baby with sauce all over their cheeks?!

Noah's Nana owns a BBQ restaurant, Shane's Rib Shack, so we thought it was only fitting to do a Rib Smash to celebrate him turning ONE! A Rib Smash is a saucy and fun cake smash alternative, especially for those babies born in spring & summer!

Leading up to Noah's first birthday, we did a handful of #SensoryActivities with him, beginning around 3 months out of the oven. 😜 Not only are Sensory Activities excellent for a child's development, but I strongly believe they helped him to feel less anxious and shy when presented with a new texture, such as cake or ribs. If you are planning a Milestone Smash, I invite you to browse around my blog for Sensory Play ideas to help prepare your little one!

If you are a local mama and would like to do a #RibSmash with your BB-Cutie, let's connect! I'm offering Rib Smash Mini Sessions for $125.00!

  • 30 minute session

  • 15 edited, digital images

*Includes props and a full rack of baby back ribs (12 bones) from Shane's Rib Shack Glendale, AZ. Images have a 48 hour turnaround. Contact Me to reserve your date! Let's get saucy!

I love hearing about your experiences! Please leave a comment or share your mini's Milestone Smash pictures below!

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