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Dino Dig Sensory Play with 2 Minute Chocolate Pudding!

Combine #SnackTime & #PlayTime with this chocolatey, prehistoric Sensory Activity!

What You Will Need:

*Below, I have linked our Amazon favorites for you!

• 1 Box of Chocolate Fudge JELL-O Pudding (We used the sugar free kind) • 2 Cups of Milk Whisk • Shallow Casserole/Baking Dish (We use this Libby Dish for all our activities! • DINOS! (This Amazon set was only $11.99 for all 6 large dinosaur figures!)


Step 1: In your shallow baking dish, combine pudding mix and 2 cups of milk. We used whole milk.

Step 2: Whisk for 2 minutes. I enlisted the help of my mini paleontologist for this step!

Step 3: Add your dinos and PLAY! After we were finished, we refrigerated the dish and did this activity again once Daddysaurus came home from work!

So cute, I'm literally extinct 😂

Visit The National Museum of Natural History or Arizona Science Center to explore and learn more about the age of the dinosaurs! HOMER: Early Learning Program also has some cool, interactive stories and sing-a-longs to watch alongside this #sensoryactivity!

If you decide to try this activity, I'd love to hear about your experience! Please leave a comment below or tag me, @slayathomemama, in your post on Instagram and I’ll share your DINO-MITE kid to my Story!

I'll leave this here for the Mamas! 🔥

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